Earth Day – The importance of Cook Forest



With the 47th celebration of Earth Day today, I thought it extremely important and relevant to share my recent visit to Cook Forest State Park, Pennsylvania.

For those that aren’t aware, Cook Forest is tucked away in Clarion and Jefferson counties in northwest central Pennsylvania, a little more than a two hour drive from Pittsburgh. It is is home to some of the East Coast’s last and largest stands of virgin pine and hemlock trees. The Cook family has controlled this land since the 1820s. While they developed a thriving timber business, they still had the vision to ultimately protect and make public this old-growth forest. It took almost 17 years for a bill to be passed to create the state park but it was certainly worth it.

I’ve been to a lot of forests all over the world but there is definitely a different vibe here. To walk amongst these old trees is something not to be missed. The mosses covering the downed trees, the pines and hemlocks soaring into the sky is truly unique. There was a deep quiet here which I didn’t expect to encounter. I hope you can make a visit to experience it yourself. Happy Earth Day everyone. Long may it and these trees last!